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Originally Posted by Allen View Post
For keyboards that are becoming cantankerous: If you have access to an air compressor, use a "blowgun" nozzle to blow dust and dirt out of your keyboard. Vacuums will help, but they can't draw hard enough to get the real accumulation knocked loose. The z and ? are in the bottom corners where dust will migrate to and accumulate the most. If you like a real challenge, remove the keys before you start cleaning. It's always fun trying to get them back where they belong. You may find you don't know your keyboard layout as well as you thought.

Just shut the electronics down before using air pressure, in case there may be any moisture in the line, as well as accidental generation of static electricity. Attack slowly; do not use full pressure at super close range. Vacuum after blowing.

They used to sell cans of "dry" compressed air for this task, but I haven't seen such for quite a while.
Thanks for the logical explanation, Allen. The problem is now fixed. I didn't have access to a compressor, but thought of a camera lens cleaner that I owned years ago which consisted of a very soft brush attached to a rubber puffer and decided to see if the local camera shop had one. It didn't, but a nearby computer and white ware shop had something very similar which had the puffer and brush separately and that worked just fine. I didn't even have to risk pulling the keys off to get under them. A bonus was a gold card (pensioner) discount of $6.51 on something that only cost $20.00 in the first place! so zzz & ??? work just fine.

Computer shop A which told me I needed a new computer and computer shop B which tried to sell me a keyboard will not see me again.
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