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Default Re: What is happening

It's the live aspect of the tour that makes it so fantastic I think. Our guide was one of the model makers and he told us what it was like working with the different people and how some of the costumes were made. For the Scale of Our War - WW1 exhibition at our National Museum, the figures are 2.8 times human size, so they had to find a sewing machine and thread that was 2.8 times normal size to make their clothes. The people depicted in this exhibition have warts, moles and individually planted arm-hair, all 2.8 times human size. Photographs are allowed there, but difficult to take because of the way the exhibition is set up and lighted. Part of the ethics of the Weta group of companies is for it to stay in Wellington and so the city is bristling with Weta projects.
Having done the Park Road tour I now want to do the Weta Cave tour, but it's more expensive.
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