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Ship Who Searched for me, I'm on my third copy in paperback -my first I re-read till it fell apart, I gave my second to a dear friend, and my third is looking somewhat dog-eared now. Of course with something so well loved, yes, if they ballsed it up I would be extemely annoyed *remembers the cock-up with the Dinotopia series in 2004*

Originally Posted by granath View Post
Although to be frank, there are some glaring continuity issues in SSearched as well, such as when conversations are recorded in the cabin and when they aren't. Tia wasn't worrying about recordings when Alex blackmailed her (unintentionally, but nevertheless) into taking him as her brawn, but certainly later. And I wondered last time I read when they were on the treasure cache planet how Alex dared to get out of his suit while they were still under the snow. That's when they discovered the things about the EsKay maps, and he walked in stockinged feet, etc. He should've stayed in the suit, preferably until it could be purged in space.
Yes, and I've just noticed another "Anne-consistency" myself, about the ages that people are shelled.

Page 18, Tia recalling Moira telling her things about the shell-person program:
"The last time Moira had come to visit, she'd told Tia some stories about what going into the shellperson program had been like, for unlike most shellpersons, she hadn't been popped into her shell until she'd been nearly four. (bold, my emphasis, and a paragraph down it states she WAS four when shelled.)

Then on Page 170, she's talking to Alex about how she became a shellperson, and he states:
"How did you get into the shellperson program?" he asked. "I thought they didn't take anyone after the age of one!"
"They didn't, until me, she replied.
(bold my emphasis.)

Except that they had taken Moira, before her, at almost four, or four....

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