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Default Re: What is happening

I didn't leave the house at all Wednesday or Thursday, even to go downstairs to do the washing. I didn't think Friday was the sort of day anyone would want to go and have lunch with their mother-in-law, but Claire disagreed - so out came the longjohns, the waterproof bicycle pants, several merino jerseys, a polar fleece, the Greenpeace rain-jacket and the hat made out of half-inch thick handmade Mongolian felt - the one I'm wearing on my avatar.

(Stop laughing, Canadians, we're used to howling gusty gales, but not "feels like 2 degrees" on our weather forecast.)

I retrieved my umbrella from the Railway Station Metro supermaket today. It's back to normal winter Wellington weather except for people who still have power cuts, washed-out access, or need to drive to Auckland.
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