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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

-Puts hand up-

Is it a completely stupid idea that 'sexuality' isn't really a factor on Pern as it is here on Earth? On Pern, I'm of the opinion that people have a lot more sexual awareness (Perhaps not so much in the holds as in the Weyrs). It wouldn't be taboo on Pern, or against any moral code (see: lack of religion).

If one for example, wasn't attracted romantically to one of the same sex, that wouldn't really have a standing on the sexual side of things, since a flight is just that. Lust. Individuals are lost within their own dragon's conciousness anyway.

Personally, even if someone were 'straight', they wouldn't particularly care about flights. (With the exception of course...but that's perhaps for the Bronze Dragons to notice).
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