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Default News: world premiere for Pern Museum & Archives: artwork for Dragon Harper

World Premiere for the Pern Museum & Archives:
Original artwork for cover of UK edition of Dragon Harper by Les Edwards

The Pern Museum & Archives is proud to announce that Les Edwards has kindly given us permission to be the first in the world to show the original artwork he did for the cover of the UK edition of Anne and Todd McCaffrey's new, upcoming Pern book Dragon Harper!

Edwards is a seven times winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist and has been nominated three times for a World Fantasy Award. The cover for Dragon Harper will be his sixth Pern cover, while the cover for Todd Mccaffrey's Dragonsblood was even used for both UK and US editions. We kindly thank Les, whom we visited earlier this year, for this exclusive.

A fragment of the artwork is shown below; click this link to view a larger image of the complete artwork.

If you are interested in seeing more artwork by Les Edwards or in buying prints please visit his website at, we heartily recommend it!
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