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I don't have a Kindle but an iPad but I do have the Kindle reader on it too. I buy books from the iBook store as well as from Amazon for Kindle, so I assume it counts.

I do compare prices between the two and usually go with who is the cheapest
I buy many travel books (Palin, Bryson and such authors are among my favs)
I have a goodly number of classic on it (e.g. Jules verne, Sherlock Holmes) and those are virtually all free downloads.
I've got a few reference works, most of them free downloads.
All the Anne McCaffrey ebooks I have are on it (that's almost 60 titles I think; not all of them are legal, there aren't so many titles by Anne that are actually published as ebook; see below about the Calibre program)
And what I buy most is new fantasy and science fiction and science fantasy. I tend to buy the newer books as ebook and funnily enough this category I mostly buy on Amazon for Kindle. Among them are Terry Pratchett (also some old titles), Robin Hobb, Elizabeth Moon etc.

And of course our very own "40 Years of Pern" is also available as ebook but in virtually all formats but not for Kindle

And in closing, I also make my own ebooks. Using the program Calibre (with which you can create an ebook out of many different formats; I started using it to convert what "ebooks" I had in the Microsoft Reader format to ePub format). I also use it to make ebooks myself out of old (highly illegal) word documents/ocr scans I have. I don't feel too bad about that because I also own the books for those word documents .
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