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Default My Turn To Have A Book :D

I don't have a ton of information yet, and know it's been awhile. I've still been reading lots of Anne McCaffrey content (i've now read 73 of her novels and all of her published short stories!). I can't say much but I'll tease you guys with a couple things about the book:

“Jon Del Arroz is a promising new writer with a knack for story and an interesting voice.”

—Jody Lynn Nye, author of the Wolfe Pack series

“This game-related novel is a lively, action-filled tale that should appeal to those who want a space adventure romp with intrigue and a touch of romance. A disgraced ex-military thief, the thief’s snide former shipmate, a special operative who isn’t that good with guns, and the resentful son of an arrogant corporate executive attempt an impossible mission… and there’s a humorously glitched portable AI in the mix, too, breaking into song at odd moments.”

—Elizabeth Moon, author of the Paksenarrion novels
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