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Default Re: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

POSSIBLE SPOILERS (and a bit of speculation on my part)!!!!!

Things should work out well for the characters in the end. If you look at the timeline of the books so far (such as how many books each book covers) things are certainly building up to the battle that will bring the Napoleonic Wars to an end (although not necessarily the same way they ended historically). Personally, I wonder how Lien's story will end...

Methinks Laurence's future is secure for the time being (the blurbs for book seven briefly discuss this); provided he doesn't get killed in battle or something in the final book, he and Temeraire will likely be involved in beating Napoleon to some extent and come out war heroes. Regardless of whether he makes it back to Britain, he and Temeraire have made enough allies along the way to have a "home" to return to. Temeraire should also be safe - I seem to recall that it's been hinted he'll make it back to China at some point (perhaps he'd return there to his family after the eventual death of Laurence) - unless the author decides to kill him off in the final book to shock readers, although I doubt this would happen. It's also worth noting that given what we know about the life expectancy of dragons, Temeraire would be elderly by "our" time and perhaps even nearing the end of his life - perhaps this would be covered in an epilogue?

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