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Default Re: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

Found the story I mentioned earlier - the site's been reshuffled recently and so I missed it the first time.

BTW, for fans of the series, I've done a map (hurr, what a surprise) for the Temeraire Wiki showing what the world's borders looked like at this point in history, with a few minor changes to accommodate the differing history of Temeraire's world - such as the fact that the Incans apparently were able to defeat the Conquistadors.

I need to fix several things wrong with this:
*Serbia's borders are incorrect - they are the modern borders.
*Spain's borders depict the situation during the Peninsular War, when Napoleon fought for control of Spain. However, I don't believe these borders were ever observed - both sides claimed the land, and I think this layout just shows what Napoleon effectively held at one point.
*Paraguay's (and South America's) borders need to be checked to make sure they are historically accurate.
*India might be a bit TOO accurate - too many provinces, when they might have been grouped together.
*Map needs to be dated - map is currently drawn in such a way that it can be edited to show territorial changes over; hence Duchy Of Warsaw and Finland (originally held by Sweden, later held by Russia) are both depicted.
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