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Default Re: Dragon population and attrition

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
Given the doubts over the physical size of Pern, I really don't think you can tie that type of astrophysics into the logistics of dragon-breeding. I also seriously doubt that the Red Star would have much of an effect on the planet's magnetic field, particularly given the lack of any evidence to suggest that Pern's B-field is any different to Earth's in terms of strength.
Why not? Pigeons can sense the Earth's magnetic field and navigate by it. Why wouldn't a dragon? And given that the dragons have rather more capabilities than pigeons...why wouldn't they be able to sense subtle changes in gravity?

And I'm not saying that they necessarily perceive these things consciously. Many varieties of life on Earth are effected unconsciously by the tides, the weather, and the seasons (including humans). So, I say, why not? It's a simpler explanation than many others.
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