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Default Re: What is happening

Some nice examples there, the second one I'm pretty sure I've seen somewhere before. Style is quite reminiscent of the sort of thing I'm aiming for with mine, sort of realistic but not going too far (which can wind up slightly creepy if you don't get it perfect!). The rest of the household are going for a more cartoony look, which fits well with their characters. Not sure I could pull that off so well... I'm.better at stealthily slinking around than poinging around like Tigger.

Pretty sure my computer issue isn't a physical problem with the keyboard, rather a software glitch with the actual scanning of the input. It just seems to glitch for a fraction of a second periodically, and any keystroke involved gets dropped. I might throw a fresh copy of Debian on it when we're back from holiday...though it's an intermittent fault, so tracking it is always a challenge...
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