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A funny thing happened with me.
When I read the novels of the Dinosaur Planets, I met there the same federation as a series of Pern. Only because of the translation I did not realize that this exact same Federation. In the phrase "Federated Sentient Planets" "Sentient" was translated as:
Федерация Разумных Планет - as "sensible / reasonable" in Pern and
Федерация Цивилизованных Планет - as "civilization" in the world of dinosaurs
At first I thought it was a coincidence. But in the novels of the Planet Pirates (one world to the Dinosaur Planets) was translated as the Федерация Обитаемых Планет - "inhabited / habitable". Then I realized it was not a coincidence, but a different translation.
I checked the spelling in the original text - and it was true. Now I'm wondering whether there FSP in other worlds Anne and if they can be represented as one and the same structure, for example, to write the crossover between the different worlds. What chronology relative to each other then they should be?
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