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Default Re: ATWOP/DOP oddities

Almaron, the unplublished "Who's Who on Pern" by Anne McCaffrey, Hans van dr Boom, Anneli Conroy and Cheryl Miller (you might recognise the name ) lists 1,494 characters for all of Anne's books Including 23 unnamed ones). The master list, built on the list Anne herself sent me, which containe d"only" about 1,200 character names.
Hmm...could I have a link to that (or could you tell me what the missing names are) so I could add the missing names to the Wiki? I'll obviously need to add citations (still working on those, which is linked to why a lot of Wiki pages are blank at the minute)...

The Angie you name is a weyrling, rider of green Plath. You can safely write off Prath as a misspelling (confirmed by the author herself), as far as I know this misspelling only appeared in UK editions, can you confirm that? I think you can as you speak of RSR and not of DE
Well, I think mine is the NZ edition, but I think that it's the same for Australia and the UK. Corgi Print 1997, published by Transworld Publishers. I need to learn how to read the jargon at the front of books...

Jule's dragon is unknown but it is a green. She is weyrbred at Telgar Weyr. Her dragon is mistakenly mentioned as Plath (Angie's dragon) in the Dragondex. Alanth only appears in DLG and not in the books, therefor the name is not in the WWoP.
Surely Alanth is the proper name then - the DLG is considered canon to some degree, isn't it (despite the numerous errors in the character list)? Would it be worth adding something like "Jule's dragon was not named in RSR/DE, but was given the name 'Alanth' in the DLG"?

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