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Default A Pernese Hymn

This isn't by me. It was sung at the Tania & Mike concert 27/5 by one Nigel Parsons who kindly e-mailed it to me today. The footnote is his.

A Pernese Hymn

Tune: "How lovely on the mountains"
(also known as “Our God Reigns”),
by Leonard E Smith (1974)

Now, Lessa, I know that you guide your dragon
With you mind, when 'thread' rains.
But tell me, how do you control your runner beast
When you're down on the plains?
I('ve) got reins,
I got reins
I got reins,
I got reins.

Now Menolly, pray tell me of Half-Circle Hold,
When the tide's running high.
Can you prevent the quayside getting treacherous?
How can you keep it dry?
I('ve) got drains
I got drains
I got drains.
I got drains

Now trader Lilcamp. I would have a word with you.
If I may make so bold.
How can you carry such a range of goods with you.
Visiting each hall & hold?
I('ve) got trains,
Wagon trains
I got trains
I got trains.

Now, Holder Jaxom, tell me of this AIVAS,
Tell me now, and tell me true.
How the ideas that it believes will save us,
It communicates to you.
Argot* reigns,
Argot reigns
Argot reigns.
Argot reigns.

I am aware that 'Argot' should, correctly, be pronounced 'Argo', but songs related to F & SF books are classified as 'Filk' and there is a standard Filk song which proclaims that we are "Banned from Argo"!
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