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Default Re: 'Wherry' in other language translations

Trying to puzzle this out on my own, I've come up with two possibilities.

The E.E.C. team could have noted the similarities between a wherry and a griffon and named it a griffon instead. It works as far as a griffon is birdlike, and the feather tufts might remind them of the fur of the lion's body. The Esperanto word for griffon is 'grifo', so at least it's short. The problem I have with griffon is that it is set as a symbol of nobility and a wherry is basically considered second class, being an eater of carrion.

The E.E.C team might as easily have called wherries something else from mythology. There is a dragonlike creature called a Wyvern. It's considered a type of dragon (a plus) but has only a pair of legs and a pair of wings. Another plus is that the word wyvern resembles wherry (well, a little.) Left to myself, this is the term I'd use to name wherries in Esperanto: Viverno.
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