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Default Re: Favorite Character?

Menolly was my favorite from the first time I saw her in TWD was her first appearance I think. The way she teased Jaxom reminded me so much of my family, and the way she always seemed to know what he was thinking.

Then once I read the harper trilogy I just fell for her even more...

Jaxom is second because of his character as a person and his relationship with Ruth.

The next 3 are tied as I can't choose F'Lar, Lessa, and Robinton. I adored Lessa and F'Lar's relationship with each other and their dragons. Robinton I liked for his intellect about people in general.

Next it is a toss up over Sebell and Sharra: Sebell was a riot in the Harper trilogy (when Menolly first played for Dominic (spellling) with Sebell and the other journeyman who's name escapes me right now), and his involvement in the other later novels. Sharra I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Jaxom grow and the way she handles Jaxom in the later books is similar to F'lar and Lessa's

Out of the list my least favorite was Mirrim. Her behavior in Harper Trilogy was completely different in the rest of the books.
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