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Originally Posted by eann View Post
Actually, Elizabeth, if you have the digital files of your books, you can turn them into ebooks easily enough yourself--pdfs to sell via PayPal from your own website or to reformat as Kindle and/or any of the others. I understand that it's necessary to get an ISBN number to sell through the larger venues and that here anyway, you can get 10 numbers for about $250. My problem is I don't HAVE digital files of the final drafts of many of the books and the expense comes from having them coverted. Besides which, my final draft on disk is not the copyedited one. You do have to remove all formatting the publisher has done and dig up your own publicity quotes and so forth because all that stuff belongs to the publisher, even if the book belongs to you.
A - It's rather easy to scan printed text using OCR (I've done so in the past)

B - ten ISBN for $250 is a rip off. I'm an acknowledged publisher and have only to pay about $10 administration fee. That'll be a Dutch ISBN, mind but that doesn't matter. For instance, the "40 Years of Pern" book was published by me and has a Dutch ISBN.
It was published using the online print-on-demand option with Lulu and was even available with for a time (Lulu did that).

C - technically I could easily publish books for Elizabeth but the trouble lies more with who has the rights to do so and the consequences of publishing legally.

Eann, for your old WP files there's a solution, I could transcribe/rework them but your oldest 8 books, you would need to sacrifice a copy so the pages could go through a sheetfeeder scanner for OCR scanning. Turning the pages and keeping a book securely down on the scanner glass a couple of hunderd times is NO fun! I know. It's how I made my first highly illegal digital copies of Pwern books And NO, I never distributed them, they were for my research only. And by the time I had done1.5 books I discovered they were to be had online as pirated versions if you knew where to look...
And before you ask: Anne knows and said that I own so many copies of her books (many titles in many variations AND languages) I was entitled to the odd illegal digital copy
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