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Default Re: Robbie Burns, and other favourite poets

Originally Posted by Hans
Do you all "only" read English poetry? ...

How about some translated, better yet, other languages
Hans, since my only aptitude is for English, with various factors influencing this situation, I am reliant upon a lot of translations for my reading pleasure.

I can, with dictionaries, tackle Swedish a word at a time, and I can work out with cribs decent enough translations of German verse, mainly Heine and similar poets, since they strike my fancy, but yes, I do read a lot in Translation. French, German, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, and so on.

I like my translations to read as poems, as well, so literal translations are less interesting to me than those capturing the essence of the thing, reflecting its nature as a poem.

One of the most influential poets in my life has been Yevtuschenko, btw.
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