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It was a known fact outside the Weyr that queens DID fly. The Ballad of Moreta's Ride was still being performed, and Lessa had reminded R'gul and S'lel about it. [Lessa's thoughts: "Those two arrant idiots might deny the existence of that ballad, but how had Lessa learned it if it did not exist?"]

And on about the 5th page of the lesson with R'gul and S'lel, it clearly states that except when she was having long boring lessons with them, Lessa was "restricted to the Weyrwoman's apartments, the feeding grounds and the bathing lake". I don't know how R'gul managed to keep people who had contact with Lessa from spilling the beans, but that's the story in Dragonflight. Let alone the dragons, which I'd forgotten about.

Given that Lessa was a strong-minded woman who was eager to go flying as soon as Ramoth was able to, R'gul would have done better to appeal to her reason and say "Look, we can't have you putting yourself and Ramoth at risk now, with only one gold left in the Weyr, but once we have a couple more golds, you can go flying." Or he could have allowed her to fly around the Bowl, but not between.

So why didn't he? None of it makes much sense.

And BTW, I find the inconsistencies in MHoP annoying too.
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