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Default Re: What is happening

Knowing that the rattle can route was going to cost me a small fortune, a spray gun has now been sourced. Had it in my head that the entry level was way more expensive. 

I've been pointed to a local paint specialist as well so I'll drop by there tomorrow and see what they say. Hopefully they should be able to get me set up with some *decent* high build primer and a good chunk of paint. The suggestion has also been made that household primer and gloss (readily available in any colour you like) could also be a viable option. Given the minimal outlay involved there I'm probably going to give that a shot...if it all peels off in a month then so be it. 

Tomorrow I absolutely need to throw the lights, number plates back on and remove the masking from the windows and go for a drive. She needs to drive 15 miles to and from FotU on Saturday, and has barely turned a wheel in the last month! So I reckon I need to do a thorough test tomorrow to make sure she's fit to make the journey. The new pulleys have only been round the block a couple of times so far...and they're kinda critical components!
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