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I liked most of Anne's books. I couldn't cope with "Restoree" at first but came back to it six months after my first attempt and got through it fine (in fact it ranks amongst my top five books.) The Planet Pirates series I couldn't get through, and although I enjoyed the related Dinosaur Planet books, they are not amongst my favorites.

I LOVED the Crystal Singer books, the firest one best of all, and the PTB books too, again the first was my favorite. I enjoyed most of the Brainship series, although "The Ship who Fought" and "The City Who Won are, IMHO, the weakest/least readable of that series. Favorite series overall is the Pern series, and though I read the first of the Catalyst books, although I have the second, I can't get into it. The Talent/Tower and Hive series have been read and re-read and thoroughly enjoyed over and over again. Acorna and changelings series were OK, not read most of her historical or horsey ones, though I enjoyed "No-one noticed the cat" more than I thought I would. Liked Doona too, again first book best.

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