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Chapter Seven
* * * * *

Spoon raised to her lips, Kylie watched warily as the two women left. That one was the Weyrwoman, the other, by her demeanor, must be the Headwoman. Not that Kylie knew for certain, since she couldn't read the knots on their shoulders. But Rhanda had said something that sounded like 'Weyrwoman'. And 'Telgar'. Well, so far everything matched what she'd read. This was the most vivid dream she had ever had, though some aspects of it were truly the stuff of her nightmares.

The hunger, for one. She had never believed she could be that hungry. At one point she'd stooped to eating grass but her stomach rebelled and she'd promptly thrown it up. Luckily they were by a river and she was finally able to get some water. There was an odd taste to it. Not bad-odd, just different. That she hadn't thrown up.

Noyance had gone off somewhere and soon after her hunger-pangs had diminished. Then they left altogether when the little green firelizard had brought her back some kind of dead - thing. Well, she wasn't quite that hungry yet, so she magnanimously allowed Noyance to eat it - the sight of which further took away her hunger pangs. Maybe this little annoyance wasn't so bad after all.

The sun was getting hot and bright, so Kylie, in her one intelligent move, began to walk among the shade of the trees. She knew that she was prone to sunburn, and obviously there was no SPF-40 sun lotion anywhere nearby. No corner drugstores either, she thought wryly and began to laugh. Oh, lord, I'm getting punchy, she thought, stifling more laughter. I'm going to die on a planet that doesn't exist because I was never a Girl Scout. This thought had her rolling on the forest floor with laughter, and the green firelizard sat on a nearby branch, eyes beginning to turn orange with its distress. Gasping for air, she finally got up.

"Oh, come here Noyance," she said cheerfully, holding out her hand. "I'm just tired and hungry. Don't worry."

The look that Noyance gave her was almost too human in its 'yeah, sure,' posture, but the firelizard did finally come over to sit on her shoulder. Nuzzling her cheek, Noyance 'cree'd' once more, then settled herself comfortably. Taking another deep breath, Kylie began walking again.

Time and the landscape became a blur as Kylie continued walking. Her head was beginning to feel funny, but it wasn't until Noyance abruptly left her shoulder in a blast of cold that the girl realized something was out of the ordinary, and she stopped, blinking, wondering what was going on. Noyance came back, chittering madly away in excitement. The emotions she was projecting didn't seem to be of danger, so Kylie looked up . . . and gasped.

A dragon. A real, live, Pernese dragon. Wait - two of them. The one was obviously blue, and this one . . . he was huge. This must be what they meant by 'bronze', because it didn't look brown or gold, and was definitely larger than the blue. She stared as the dragon's rider just vaulted off, and began coming towards her. He had to be the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. Her mouth moved as she wanted to say something, but she stood frozen. Then her face turned bright red and tears filled her eyes as she saw the unmistakeable look of revulsion on his face.

He thought she was revolting. Kylie felt as if she'd been slapped, and looked down. Well, she was slightly overweight. But . . . she blinked a few times and looked up as a shadow fell across her. The rider now only looked interested, and spoke. What? She had no clue what the man was saying, but she did see the hand he held out, so she grasped it in hers. It felt firm, and strong, and so - well manly. Obviously he'd greeted her, though she had no idea what he'd said. Well, she could greet him back.

"Hi, I'm Kylie Sue Martin from Toledo, Ohio. I have no idea how I got here or anything, but if you could take me somewhere . . . ?" she drifted off, not sure what to say. What was proper protocol in this type of situation? She glanced at him, and he was talking to the almost equally handsome man behind him. Hunh. She didn't remember a look of revulsion on that one's face . . . but if he were a bluerider, he was probably gay. The two were talking together, then her head started feeling funny again. The bronzerider moved forward and put his hand on her shoulder as he spoke to her, and she tried to get away. He was trying to poison her! He'd let go some kind of gas, and . . . .

Even as she realized how stupid that sounded, Noyance latched on to her alarm and attacked the man. "No! Noyance! Stop that! He's not trying to hurt me!"

Noyance stopped her attack and landed back on Kylie's shoulder, rubbing her cheek with her head. "Cree?"

Kylie was ignoring the men as they spoke, instead calming down her pet. "It's OK hun, I don't think he was trying to hurt you."

No, T'gat was not trying to hurt you. You've been Searched, and he was trying to tell you that. The voice reverberated in her head, and Kylie froze. Search? A dragon just talked to her? Suddenly it all came crashing down on her, and everything went dark.

* * *

So now here she was, in what obviously passed for a bed here, with a tray of food. This stew was filling, but it tasted odd. Well, if she were truly on Pern it wasn't going to taste like the stew her mother made. Everything in the room was different, too. All handmade obviously. Like, this mattress she was lying on - lumpy, and thin. Well, it didn't look as if she'd be getting a Sealey or a Serta anytime soon. The spoon was pottery, as was the bowl. There was a mug of something on the tray, so she tried it. If this was klah, well, it was definitely not what she'd expected. Of course, considering she was relying on the kindness of those who lived here, she couldn't complain.

Noyance was giving her stew bowl some hungry looks, so Kylie fed her a few bits of the meat. Funny - she was so hungry she wasn't hungry. Besides, she'd seen the look that beak-nosed woman had given her. So she was fat. So sue her. The woman just annoyed her. It was the man who had hurt her feelings. The look he had given her - that look would stay with her for the rest of her life. Yawning, she put the tray on the ground and snuggled back into bed. He would see. She'd lose her weight, and be the most beautiful woman in the Weyr. And would reject him. As she fell asleep, she smiled.
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