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Originally Posted by Zelandeth View Post
Have only encountered freezing rain once in my life so far, and definitely hope it's the only time I do! You folks be careful in that nonsense...

Following the seemingly successful test yesterday of the electric pump I wanted to move it to a slightly more sensible location. Putting anything like that under the car on an Invacar is pretty tricky as the chassis is quite shallow and there's no central tunnel or anything. So it will be getting attached to the upper fuel tank retaining strap. That will make it far easier to route the pipes without risking kinks as well and make wiring a power feed in less hassle.

As the fuel tank outlet is at the bottom of the tank though I would need to empty it before I could remove the existing pipe from it. Previous tinkering had been done by clamping the hose, but I actually want to remove that hose now.

I've a secret weapon for that though - an old and heavily abused fuel injection pump from my old Saab.

This had the tank from about 90% full to empty within a couple of minutes. The rate that thing can shift fuel at when there's no restriction on the outlet is astonishing! Sadly I had to down tools before I got any further because folks arrived home from work early and I suddenly found I needed to have dinner in the oven half an hour before I started work on the car...

Tomorrow though I've some actual time set aside properly to get something done with the car so hopefully will get back on track and actually do a road test with the electric pump in place.

Annoying lack of progress today!
I've not only driven, but ridden motorcycles in everything but a tornado and a hurricane. Rain, freezing and regular, snow, sleet, ice, hail. All on two wheels as well as four Actually got caught in 3 separate hail "showers" as part of heavy rain in one afternoon. Got back to the barracks just in time to hear the tornado sirens, but saw no tornado, so I won't say I rode on one, just the accompanying storm. That hail stuff hurt. Sat on the steps to the barracks, pulled off my boots, and poured water out of them. Then I wrung out my completely saturated socks.

Did you know that bar soap will stop a gasoline leak? You could have stuck a bar of regular soap on the pipe while it was running a solid stream, not broken off the plug in the pipe, and tape the bar in place. Once knocked a split in a car tank, running solid stream. rubbed bar soap on it and watched it stop. Drove it that way for a couple of days until I found fuel-proof epoxy and applied a patch right over the soap. Never leaked again.
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