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Having worked on antique and modern cars and trucks, everything from a 1914 Scripps Booth through Model T and Model A , 1928 Reo Flying Cloud, 1949 and 1950 Bentley, Hudson, Buick, the list goes on ad nauseum, I feel your pain in getting into and especially back out of tight spots. Fun part is getting yourself into a tight area only to find out that not only can you NOT work like that, but you almost panic to find you MIGHT not be able to extract yourself without help. I'm sure you've been there. My best was years ago when I decided to do something I couldn't do back in the '70s; grow my hair long. I had been in the military in the '70s. I was 3 years without a haircut. But with a ponytail in excess of 18 inches I would be under a vehicle on a creeper and sometimes find myself trapped with my hair tangled in a wheel. Flat on my back, with a vehicle less than 12 inches above my face, usually under the middle of the car, which would of course not be something the size of your Invacar, but rather more like a 1948 Lincoln Continental V-12.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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