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Default Re: What is happening

Diesel fuel is basically high grade kerosene with a little oil added in for lubrication. Jet fuel is even higher grade kerosene;that is, more thoroughly refined, with some very light lubricant added in. Years of automotive maintenance experience in the USAF as well as a lot of reading has taught me this.

All this offered in case you didn't know.

Over here, diesel is less than straight K-1 kerosene, which is what my "oil" lamps burn.... they're known as oil lamps because in the old days kerosene was commonly known as coal oil. I believe in Europe and maybe the UK, it was called paraffin. Paraffin here is a "wax" used in canning and candy making.

Your battery kill switch is a good idea, not only for safety, but also as a theft deterrent.

I just checked ebay for Invacar and found some kid's books (Ivan the Invacar) and some UK based parts listed. But I bet you already have looked.
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