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Default Re: Anyone else Love their Kindle?

We have yet to buy one of these interesing gadgets, as both my husband and I still enjoy the feel of a real book in our hands.
I think I have been fighting getting anymore electronic gadgets, other than our computers and cell phones, as I can't help feeling like were being quietly taken over by them...I start feeling like I'm part of an Asimov book...LOL
Although when Hans was visiting us, he happily showed me his new ipad and some of the incrdible things IT and he could do with I will say that did really catch my attention, at least for a few days.
I'm afraid I might just be too old fashioned and set in my slower ways to try and relearn how to do some of my normal every day things on some of these gadgets...I hardly know how to use my cell phone...thankfully I do have very up-to-date Grand-daughters, who love teaching their Grandparents new things......!!!

@Kath...I hope there isn't a problem with the new pregnancy???
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