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Two references from DD:
The thick clumps of tough bushes they had ridden through only moments before were no longer visible, covered by a writhing mass of “things” that seemed to enlarge as they watched.
She [Bay] had been shocked by the sight of a full-grown cow reduced in a few moments to a seared corpse covered by masses of writhing strings.
There's nothing terribly specific in the Renegades account, they were all sheltering in water so nothing was devoured completely, most of it was just describing them fending away Thread.

Although this seems to be happening very quickly:
Three long spears of the stuff slapped into the tall standing trees on the bank. Their trunks flared briefly and then began to vanish. So did the brush and trees on either side. Jayge blinked, and there was a bald patch and something disgustingly pulsing, rolling—and with every turn more of the thick mulch disappeared and more trees fell.
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