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Originally Posted by GinnyStar View Post
Well we haven't seen anything about Crom, or Bita Hold, good telling of that Hold in Dragonseye/Red Star Rising, Some about Crom and a few other in the co-written ones, It remind me of another book. Can't recall which one.
Well, Bitra Hold WAS built during the First Interval (if I remember correctly), so it may have infringed a few of the rules for Hold-building. But looking through Red Star Rising/DragonsEye, I don't see any reference to a building outside the cliff, and the planning session for the invasion of Chalkin's domain only mentions the various levels within the Hold.

I suspect the cover art was done by someone who'd seen pictures of all those holds that look like cliffs with lots of windows, thought they looked boring, and just added on a mediaeval fort in front.
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