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Hmmm... I could be wrong, but doesn't the term "slash" usually imply a sexual relationship? If Canth mates with a dragon that is paired with a male rider and F'nor has sex with said rider, then I suppose that could be considered slash.

I also agree with you, Weyrlady, and Lady Maelin, that the term does sound like something out of a horror flick! In fact, when I first came across it, I thought that that's what it meant!

In regards to the original topic, I actually did write a story a while back that was set on a planet with three suns. I placed them far enough away that the heat they gave off was relatively close to that of our sun and the people referred to them as "daystars." Had this been a novel, I most likely would have had to worry about how long it takes the planet to orbit all three suns, how they affect the seasons, etc. but since it was a short piece, I just focused on the immediate story.

D.M. Domini, thanks for the link to those nebula pics! They are beautiful and do inspire the imagination!
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