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I think the smooshed together name thing is done with a lot of tongue-in-cheek...a lot like you get things like Bennifer in those celebrity mags. Slash least the ones I've come across...tends to be pretty self-aware. You almost have to be, to voluntarily write/draw content that a lot of people will tie you to the stake for.

...I just totally realized that AMC does the "Bennifer" thing for her character's kids. That's too funny. F'lessan, anyone? Or even Robse (Menolly and Sebell's kid)? Hee hee hee hee hee!

Edit: Regarding gay men and their perception of slashy fic...there's an archive called "nifty" (warning--it is an adult site, if you choose to google around for it, although is is mostly plain text) that's purely of amateur gay original fiction. The "tone" is entirely different from that of fandom slash--I suspect a lot of it is actually written by men for men. Most of it is pretty bad...on par with your average pool of fanfiction. Someone should do a comparison some day...of slashy fanfiction written by females, to the slashy original fiction written by men. I wonder what you'd find if you analyzed that.

...I've revealed that I know far too much about the slash world, haven't I?

Heh. I told you my fanfic was much much lighter than, say, my original fic.
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