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Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Question???..........what do both of you [Domini and Anareth] mean by *Ship* or *shipping*...when talking about your writing?
Anareth got it. It's when you pair characters together in your head romantically--for example, I'm a crazy Robinton/Menolly shipper, just because the subtext is everywhere in the books.

The word "slash" or "slashing" tends to be gay pairings, although the word is a bit bendy--I'll sometimes use it for non-gay pairings, I use the word fairly lightly, but *some* people use it for extremely pornographic gay pairings. I think at one point AMC used the word in her fanfiction rules as something she didn't allow; I don't think it's there anymore, though? Someone probably pointed out that green/blue rider pairings are slashy by nature even when they're romantically portrayed rather than pornographically portrayed.

You have computer generated portraits of some of the Pern characters...I would love to see them, as I'm sure so would quite a few other MoMers!!!
I had a thread called "Pern - Sims 2 Style" up but my domain is down so the photos are no longer there. I think people did like seeing them; perhaps I'll put up some more screenshots later. I don't really consider them art, however...I rely so, so heavily on the Sims 2 engine and other artists' textures and things to create them...basically, it's like putting together a doll from prefab parts. I choose the hair style and color, but someone else actually designed the hairstyle for the Sims 2 "dolls". I just chose the style they made. Make sense? But they do bear some resemblence in my mind--although not *exact* to how the characters would look.


Re: character looks--yeah, it's hard to get that into the work if you're avoiding the cliched mirror scene. But there's ways to manage Raul character in American Goetia for example is a faun, but very human in his upbringing and personality, and he is very, very sensative about his looks so he narrates about it because it's sort of his neurosis. (Oh my god--my hat blew off! Everyone can see I'm horny! Er...I mean, that I have horns!) I like letting people know how my characters look--it's part of the thing I created.


Is it more difficult to write a modern day story...or one in a different period or place ???
I find it much easier to write a modern day story. It's a brainpower know what a sidewalk looks like, and so does your reader. You know what pizza is, and so does your reader. You don't have to worry about describing the world the character is in, except where it differs. You just have to be adept at noticing your own surroundings and putting that into words.

When you set a story on another world, you have to they have roads? If so, what is paved with? How did the roads get there? Are they wide? Narrow? Were they made for humans?

You have to think about so many things for a paragraph that only mentions one or two direct words about them. You have to think about manners, about clothing, about food, about everything, and you have to come up with answers yourself or research them if it's a historical book, whereas in a story that's set in the modern world you already know how everything works, and you can just focus on the things you don't know, and the things you specifically want to make different.
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