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Question???..........what do both of you [Domini and Anareth] mean by *Ship* or *shipping*...when talking about your writing?

Anareth, how do you keep it all straight if you don't have each of your characters outlined somewhere? Like you I am also a visual person, I just don't have your memory to hold it all in my head...besides with my Pern artwork I try to be as close to Anne's description of her characters as possible. But like you...I do have to be able to see them fairly clearly in my mind...before I can put them on paper.

Domini...the way you keep tract of your characters sounds much like how I keep track of mine...when I'm working on a new *Pern* project. I go and dig out all the facts that I can find, when reading the books on paper by my nightstand [I keep notes on anything that comes to me while reading...I can suddenly get whole scenes pop into my head]...then put them all together on a more formal list of descriptions and hold it in my computer files...or print it out. You have computer generated portraits of some of the Pern characters...I would love to see them, as I'm sure so would quite a few other MoMers!!!
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