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I've always thought that if I had any artistic skill or a close working relationship with someone who did, some of my stuff would be better in comic-book form, because I'm a very visual thinker. I block things as I write and I have to be careful about getting sucked into minute details that really aren't relevant! I'm writing a book, not designing a set.

Though funnily enough I don't have a concrete vision of what each CHARACTER looks like. I have general build, hair color, eye color, and that's more or less it. In fact with some of the minor characters, except where their name makes ethnicity clear, it doesn't even really matter to me what race they are. (Shalyn: for example Alan's boss. She's female, but I actually don't know what race she is, except that her name implies she's white or black, probably not Latina or Asian. And even with the latter you could fudge it with an Anglicized first name and married last name. And the thing is I don't actually care one way or the other! However, God help anyone casting for Val or Alan. I can't imagine an actor who'd live up to what's in my head.)
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