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Post Exhibit Hall Guidelines

The Exhibit Hall is meant for the sharing on any sort of artistic creation, from poetry and prose to drawings, photography, digitial art, and more. Please use an appropriate thread prefix when you post your work. The following prefixes are available:
  • Original fiction - An original work of fiction, in a world of your own creation.
  • Fan fiction - Fiction set in the world of another author (eg Pern)
  • Non-fiction
  • Verse - Poetry, lyrics, etc. in verse form
  • Art - Drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital art, etc.
  • Craft - Handcrafts, sewing, woodwork, etc.
  • Photo - Photography
  • Feedback - See guidelines on feedback threads below

Additionally, for those posting original fiction, you are strongly encouraged to indicate the genre of the story after the title (e.g. SF, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery).

Those posting fan fiction are strongly encouraged to indicate the world it is set in after the title (e.g. Pern, Brainships, Talent).

This forum is not intended for collaborative works in progress -- i.e. group story-telling efforts or role-playing. You are welcome to exhibit collaborative efforts in finished form (assuming that all contributors give permission and are credited).

Feedback is to be placed within the same thread as the exhibit, except in the case where an author expects to post a story in multiple parts over time. In that circumstance, the author should create a separate thread with the "Feedback" prefix and titled "[Username]'s [Title of work]".

Critical feedback is allowed, but please don't bash the artist. As always, follow the board guideline of being respectful to other posters.

Visual creations can be shared by use of the IMG code, which means your image(s) will need to be hosted somewhere online. Free sites exist for image hosting, such as, and (this last one is also a good choice if you want to host video content, e.g. large files)

Written word creations can be shared directly, or links can be shared if the work is also found elsewhere online. For very long works which are also posted elsewhere online, a link is preferable to reposting the entirety of the work (though you might wish to post a shorter teaser). Members posting McCaffrey fan fiction are reminded to follow the current rules as laid out on her website.

It is presumed that you are the creator and copyright holder of the works you publish here. You are responsible for the content you publish and assume full liability should your post violate anyone's rights. The MoM Board assumes no liability for the content of posts, and will act to remove posts that do violate rights or whose content is deemed inappropriate. Should you know or suspect a copyright violation, please report the post (via the "Report Bad Post" warning icon in the postbit) and provide as much detail as possible.
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