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Big Grin For lovers of paranormal romances

I got my Marjorie Liu ARC this morning *YAY* It's a paranormal romance with X-men type characters.

Having already read her fist book 'Tiger Eye' on Christine Feehan's recommendation (which was an excellent read with action and humour abounding) I was very pleased to be picked to pre read book two of her 'Dirk & Steele' series. The book is due to be published January 31st according to the cover so I get to read it a Loooong time before I might have found it here in the UK, *YAY*

Can you tell I am a very happy woman right now? LOL

Will tell you what I think of it later - As soon as I get the time to read it (probably tomorrow while my youngest is in physio for his fractured finger LOL)
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