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Default Re: Hans 5 - misscellaneous

1. Viking hull - love the textures of the old wood, and the beaten nail heads add that extra zing while also suggesting the fragility of the old structure. But the newer wood (?) on the right-hand side is puzzling and doesn't quite 'fit'; is it post-processing in PS?

2. Good shot and great depth of field. But more bumble bee please (Yes, I know these pesky insects sometimes refuse to co-operate!).

3. Lovely rich, soft, natural blue on the hull. And the curves are just right. Maybe some gentle highlight/shadow tweaking on the lower hull? Cropping is such a personal thing, but the horizon does bisect the picture. Maybe lose some of the sky and a smidgen tighter on the left side? But that's just me.

4. Again, silhouette detail is very personal; I'd be inclined to tweak v-e-r-y subtly to bring out some more rim texture in the stonework. I guess the landscape needs some exposure & contrast tweaking to increase tonal range and add impact. There are some shots where symmetry just . . . . works. This is one. And I love the sky - you were either very patient or very lucky to get that range of cloud interest.

5. Animals, kids, insects - sometimes you have to work with the viewpoint you have. It'd be a brave man to try move the bull to improve composition! As it is, he's moving out of shot rather than into it. A higher viewpoint would've allowed the stonework to emphasize the diagonal. Again, the skyline bisects the shot. A lower viewpoint would cut the foreground, give you more sky - but the beast would break the line of the stone slabbing.. Dilemmas, dilemmas . . . my wish would be to get closer, move to the right and just happen to have handy one of those three-step aluminium step-ladders! Aye, right!
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