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Default Re: A realistic look at dragon attrition.

Originally Posted by ElectricDragon View Post
Re. Para 1. All instruction in the Weyrs for dragon riders appears to devolve on the Weyrlingmasters and the Wingleaders. In keeping with "Weyr autonomy" there is no centralized structure whatsoever. They could benefit from it, but the tradition of autonomy gets in the way. Not every Weyrleader will be hung up on the issue, but what are the odds of getting all six (or eight) on the same page and ensuring their successors hold to that page after the ones who implement it are gone? What little standardization exists appears to be regimented adherence to lore so old its original purpose is forgotten.
I know the actual chances of a centralized training academy are almost nil, but isn't it fun to speculate? Sitting in a very-ahem-boring timber permit meeting today at work, I had it built in my head. It could be like the Wildland Fire Academy; it could be cool. Not "just" firefighters go to the Fire Academy, a lot of "support" people do too- communications and public relations and timekeeping. . . Big project fires like those currently in southern CA are a huge and quite impressive operation.

So maybe a Dragonrider Training Academy could work much the same way; who does much of the more formal communication in a Weyr? The Weyr Harper, and he or she is probably responsible for how the Weyr 'looks' to the rest of the world, and does a little PR work, even though they don't call it that. The Weyr Healer puts people (and dragons) back together when they need it, and the Headwoman is responsible for keeping things running smoothly on the ground. So maybe all those folks could go to a Training Academy, and all take different courses to learn the specialized skills they would need so the entire Weyr would run like as efficiently as possible.

BTW, after that Red Star stunt, F'nor and Canth would have been canceled by BC/BS for failure to disclose a pre-existing condition: No Apparent Fear Of Death (NAFOD).
"No Apparent Fear of Death" is a pre-existing condition? A 'bad' one? Well, doesn't that sound just like something an insurance company would say- that sounds like he's being punished for being altruistic- he's lucky his life wasn't canceled. I wonder if the Pet Insurance would cover Canth?
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