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Default Re: Possible Jump to Earth?

That's exactly the point I was trying to make, Edith.

There are certain things we can't explain as far as Pern goes, e.g. the engines of the Yoko etc. Yes, they're powered by matter/antimatter fuel, but it's not as simple as that - the fuel is just the energy supply. And given that those ships clearly violate today's known laws of physics, speculation on the nature of those engines and how they generate the ship's FTL/Special Relativity-violation capacity, speculation would be exactly as futile/pointless as Hans implies.

As for the rest of it, including the subject matter of this thread - well, there are things we can work on and discuss. it doesn't mean that we'll come up with the right answer, as there's unlikely to be/have ever been one - but we'll reach a plausible solution, and that's the fun of discovery, innit?
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