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Default Re: Possible Jump to Earth?

Actually, I think it's possible in an AU type setting.

Imagine that every reality is a page, and all realities are stacked on top of each other.

Now - though there is an infinite number of realities, we must have something to keep realities from spawning even more...such as Pern. Because with all the extraneous Weyrs out there, and the ideas and such relative to each Weyr and each fanfic, that *could* spawn an unlimited number of Perns. So, possibly after Anne created Pern for herself and it became real in people's minds, the logistics of the place has become more and more a meld between Anne's creation and the logical way physics work.

So, to answer your question - yes. Because they are not going between times and space, but between universes which is a much shorter distance.
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