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Default Re: The beginnings of a dragon

Finally. another 3d artist working on a pern dragon!! A couple a times a year I search the net for Pern related 3d dragons, and have never found any. You don't know how great it is to see another 3d artists working on a dragon. I finally decided to do some Pern 3d about a month ago, and recently became a member here to share some of my work. Who would have guessed another 3d artist would appear doing Pern 3d.

Your model is looking real good. Topology looks real clean. The design has a real nice flow to it. I see you are at an early wip stage so I really have no crits. I followed the link to your blog and see that you are using Maya. I've never used it, but I hear it has a great rigging system. Is this going to be rigged?

Here is a link to my Pern 3d stuff if you want to have a look.

Thanks for sharing.
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