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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (4) - Freedom of the Race

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin
Becky, WOW !!! To have been able to help Anne, with getting her own story to her. She must have been very happy that you have collected so many of her treasures.
Or thought I was nuts! She didn't think enough of the story to keep it around.

I got to thinking I have a one of a kind collectible now! I sent her a letter with the copy of the story and she sent me the letter back with a handwritten note at the top of it. I kept it and the envelope she sent it in from Dragonhold. The letter is how I knew when I'd sent the copy to her.

My copy of the magazine came from Canada. I was in a book store and couldn't find a thing. I turned to leave and behind the door was a stack of large sized magazines. I glanced down at them as I was leaving and noticed some of them were Science Fiction +. My heart skipped a few beats, I'll tell you! I wasn't sure if I'd find the right one or not and dared not HOPE the one I wanted would be there. Needless to say, it was there and has been in my posession ever since!
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