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Smile Re: Collecting Highlight (54) - Questar magazine with Crystal Singer story adaptation

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Anacrome, I own all four of them, too. If you have time to watch what comes by on e.g. eBay you can get them for a relatibely low price. I think I paid $ 7.50 US ex postage for mine; so they are not an expensive collectible. I have seen sets of four go for about $25 but haven't seen the price go higher.

As far as I know, and I'm fairly sure of this, there are only these four issues. In the compilation volume Cheryl mentioned you will find all fout issues.

The most interesting thing about this are the differences beteeen this story and the later Crystal Singer book
Hi, Hans.
Sorry I didn't reply to your comment right away; I have been having 'computer blues'. Thank you for the information. I had wondered about the value of my 'Starstream's for many years. They are worth much more, to me, than just their monetary value. I haven't seen my baby brother in years and those magazines were one of the last things he gave me; so, naturally, I treasure them. Thanks again for your help.
Regards, A.
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