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Big Grin Re: Collecting Highlight (54) - Questar magazine with Crystal Singer story adaptation

Hi, Hans.
Are there more than four issues in the Starstream series, because I have issues 1-4 of Starstream. "Crystal Singer" is the last story in issue #3. I have had these in my collectibles since the late 1970s, when my youngest brother bought them from a friend of his. I admired them and he gave them to me. They have been in my collections ever since. They are in good, although not 'mint', condition. If anyone wishes to view them, they can be found on my blog:
I have all four covers posted there as well as the contents page from issue #3 which I (very carefully) scanned onto my computer. I would like to know what they are worth, even though I have no plans to part with them. I am just curious. Thanks, Anna
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