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Brown Just how big can flying creatures get anyway?

Well, I am about to reopen that can or worms about how big dragons really are, and the reason I am doing this is because of this picture...

New fossils have shown that Quetzalcoatlus was really this big. All I can say is Wow Dinotopia was right!

Seriously this is a big animal as anyone who has ever stood next to a giraffe at the zoo knows. And even though pterosaurs were spindly compared to dragons it must have had some powerful muscles to fly (and yes it flapped it did not just glide) and shows that animals about as big as a small green dragon once lived on Earth. How big can flying animals get? The last estimate I heard was possibly up to a 90 foot wingspan. Just Wow.

For more on the latest in giant pterosaurs just go to Tetrapod zoology

and search for azhdarchids for more on these animals, you will be glad that you did.
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