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Default Re: Titanium on Pern

Just split the topic on me!! Sorry, got a little confused between the email note and the actual forum- they were different. It took me a few minutes to realize that was because THEY HAD CHANGED!! O-gotcha!

Isn't it fun to confuse folks with titanium things that don't act like they think metal "should"? I'm not trying to be mean here or5 anything, just confounding expectations. If anybody's interested, those titanium diamond rings sure are pretty. . . KIDDING!! They are, but they're officially put in a category of "Maybe Someday. . . "

Titanium stuff's ridiculously expensive, and that handy summary explains why! It's so not laying around all over; that'd be almost too easy anyway. But I still think that the Pernese have it within their reach to eventually be able to process titanium, to some usable form, and it will probably be a little different then we do on Earth with all our super-mechanized, highly industristrialized equipment. They do a lot of things differently on Pern anyway.

Science isn't exactly my area of expertise, so I didn't really understand some of what they did in AtWoP; I'm just a happy Pern fan.However, some where in that book (some grad student I am, right? That's so vague.), there is a mention by a trader-type person of wagon axles that are about impossible to break and really lightweight, and that the Smithcraft made them specially using formulas and processes that they had just found out about using AIVAS. The way that I see it, the trader's magic axles either have to be something like titanium or some kind of plastic. Rotomolding plastic isn't exactly the easiest process either, but I'm not real familiar with how that's done. If there's one thing that I've learned from having the priviledge to vicariously hang out on Pern, it's about the power of improvation and innovation. Give 'em time, they'll figure it out. If they have a use for titanium (and they do), someone like Terry will find a way to make it happen. Certainly not like tomorrow,but a society that can create, fly with, and believe in dragons isn't a dumb one either, and Rome wasn't build in a day (neither was Benden Weyr)

As they say in the song, "That's my story!" However, I HOPE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH ME! Debates make for some fascinating reading.
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