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Hi Y'all! My name is AnnMarie ...named for the two aunts that introduced my parents. I am Momma Wolf to a five year old Furture Oscar winner and wife to a Brit who is also a McCaffrey fan. I first read Anne's work while in high school... 79 or 80, I believe. Been hooked since. Voracious reader, from a family of them. (OOPS! Just thought of a few more authors I need to post eslewhere!) I am a cashier at a major local food chain...have been Supervisor, Customer Service, Survey Crew, Vetinary Clinic worker, hospital volunteer, tutor, and captain of the Woman's Woodsmens Team. I have an AAS from Paul SMiths COllege in the glorious Adirondacks of New York. The plan is to move to the UK in 05, where hubby is currently working and trying to arrange things and get the proper paperwork filed. Haven't met any of this crew IRL yet, but I sure do want to!
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