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Default AMC books and other items + companion material

Right, not sure if I listed everything yet but I'll post the list. If more than one person is interested in a particular items it will go to the highest bidder.

If something has your interest please email or PM me and I'll give you the minimum prices and the cost of postage to your place of the world. After that you can decide whether you are still interested in a purchase.

I'll send/publish pictures when they are asked for.

Books – Pern

“Rescue Run”. US Bookclub hardcover with dustjacket, published by The Wildside Press 1991. Illustrated by Pat Morissey. Condition: very good (top of spine of dustjacket slightly damaged)

“Dragonsdawn”. UK trade paperback edition. Bantam Press 1989. Steve Weston cover. Condition: very good.

“Red Star Rising” (Dragonseye). UK trade paperback edition. Bantam Press 1996. Ex library but no evidence of this on the outside (just a stamp and sticker inside). Light spine creasing. Condition: good.

“Dragonquest”, Del Rey paperback, 11th printing, 1979. Reading copy (was my own reading copy and has my name on the first page ).

“De Drakenrijders van Pern”, Dutch omninus translation of Dragonflight and Dragonquest, published by De Boekerij 1992. Hardcover with dustjacket (illustration: Steve Weston’s art for the UK Dragonquest edition). Condition: very fine.

“Moreta”. Publisher: Netopejr. Czech mass market paperback, first edition, 1996. With original Czech cover art. Condition: mint.

Books – non Pern

“Acorna’s Rebels” (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough), US ARC trade paperback (advanced reader’s copy). EOS 2003. Condition: mint.

“Acotna’s Triumph” (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough), US ARC trade paperback (advanced reader’s copy). EOS 2004. Condition: fine.

“Acorna’s Children. Second Wave” (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough), US hardcover with dustjacket, first edition, condition: very good.

“Crystal Singer”. Bookclub hardcover edition, Doubleday 1982, with dustjacket (illustration by Dennis B. Meehan). Reading copy. Condition: acceptable (book is good, dustjacket has creases and minor cuts).

“Freedom’s Landing”. UK Bookclub hardcover edition with dustjacket (illustration by Romas). Condition: fine with very slight discoloration of dustjacket spine.

“Three Women”, trilogy holding “Ring of Fear”, “The Mark of Merlin” and “The Kilternan Legacy”. Paperback, first edition, 1992. Condition: very good.

“Acorna’s Search”. Harper Torch paperback, 3rd printing. Condition: mint.

“The Year of the Lucy”, Tor paperback, first edition, 1987. Cindition: very good.

“Generation Warriors” (with Elizabeth Moon). Baen paperback, frist printing 1991. Condition: very good with creasing to spine.

“Black Horses for the King”, Del Rey paperback, first printing, 1997. Condition: mint.

“The Coelura”, Tor paperback, 2nd printing. Ex libris stamp on first page. Many illustrations by Ned Dameron. Condition: fine.

“The City Who Fought” (with S.M. Stirling). Orbit UK paperback, 1997 reprint. Condition: mint.

“Partnership” (with Margaret Bal). Orbit UK paperback, 1999 reprint. Condition: fine.

“The Ship Who Sang”. Corgo paperback, 1999 reprint (reset). Condition: very good but with an inch long damage at bottom of spine.

“Pegasus in Flight”. Corgi paperback, first printing 1991. Condition: very good, one crease at top right of front cover.

“Acorna’s Children. First Warning”. EOS paperback, firt printing, 2006. Conditin: fine.

“Acorna’s World”. Harper paperback, first printing, 2001. Condition: very good.

“Acorna’s People”. Harper paperback, first printing, 2000. Condition: mint.

“Acorna’s Quest”. Harper paperback, first printing, 1999. Condition: fine (has my name in pencil on first page).

“Lyon’s Pride”, Bantam Press trade paperback, first printing, 1984. Rmas cover art. Condition : very good with slight creasing to spine.


“Visions of Fantasy. Tales from the Masters”, edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg, illustrated by Larry Elmore. Holds Pern story “The Smallest Dragonboy”. Hardcover with pictoral boards. First edition. Condition: very good.

“Beyond the Stars. Tales of Adventure in Time and Space”. UK hardcover with pictoral board. Marylebone 1983 edition. Condition: very good with slight foxing to spine.

“Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Volueme Four, the Complete Nebula Award winners 1965-1969”. Edited by Arthur C. Clarke. Gollancz, 1981. Holds the Pern story “Dragonrider”. Condition: very good.

“Time Wars”, edited by Charles Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg. Paperback, first edition, 1986. Reading copy.

“Get off the Unicorn”, all McCaffrey short stories. Corgi UK Paperback, 1982. Written in my own handwriting on first page: bought in Penzance, Cornwall, UK, 15 June 1983. Condition: very good but significant discolouration of the spine.

“Omega”, edited by Roger Elwood. Hold short story “Rabble Dowser”. Fawcett paperback, first edition, 1974. Condition: very good.

Companion Books

“Science Fiction. Today and Tomorrow”. Hold Anne’s contribution, titled: “Romance and Glamour in Science Fiction”. Penguin US paperback, 1975. Condition: very good with some discoloration to the spine.


Amazing Stories; september 1993. Holds the Pern short story “The P.E.R.N. Survey, one illustration by Doug Anderson. Condition: fine

Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, June 1969. Holds ship story: Dramatic Mission. Condition: very good.

Algol Starship, The Magazine About Science Fiction; winter 1978-79. Cover art by Kelly Freas. Holds the article “On Pernography” by Anne McCaffrey.


“Dragonriders. Chronicles of Pern”, computer game by Ubisoft (1999). Boxed version complete with CD in jewel box and richly illustrated booklet

Anne McCaffrey’s “Freedom. First Resistance”, computer game based on the Freedom series. Boxed version, still in shrink wrap, mint.


Sunset’s Gold CD by Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland and Mike Freeman. First edition, signed by both musicians on the inlay/booklet. Condition: mint (unplayed).

“Crystal Line”, abridged. Two cassettes, app. 3 hours, in hard plastic transparent box with inlay with Rowena art. Condition: very good.

“Crisis on Doona” (with Jody Lynn Nye), abridged. Two cassettes, app. 3 hours, in hard plastic transparent box with inlay with Michael Herring art.

“All the Weyrs of Pern”, abridged, two cassettes, 1991. The Publishing Mills. Read by Anne McCaffrey herself. Condition: very good.

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