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Default Re: I found Pern Clipart

Thanks Hans, I would be honored.

I have heard that an animated version of Pern was made but mysteriously dissapeared. I had thought that I had seen such a show as a child in late 70's but I found out later that I was remembering an episode of the filmation cartoon The Freedom Force called "The Dragon Riders".

Another cartoon that I think people are mistaking for Pern is Hearts Blood by Jane Yolen. It was in one of those "Book of the Week" specials so common in the mid to late 1980's. I tried to get that carton on VHS several times but was foiled by it beng replaced by Football or the President every time it aired!

Interestingly the comentary for one of the Filmation series I own (I don't remember which one, I have six so I will have to rewatch them all and check) said that Filmation had made plans for a Pern cartoon series (in the late 1970's early 80's) but the network decided that Sci-fi didin't get good ratings so cancelled it before it aired. Maybe the images are based on this project?

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