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Default I found Pern Clipart

Hi, I am new to this forum. Indeed I found it while trying to find more information on four pieces of Pern Clipart I found in a CD I bought at my local 99 cent store.

The CD was called Witches and Wizards edited by Jon Gustafson (former officer of the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists according to the CD's cover). The CD was published by Simply Software (C) 1997-2008. According to the company webpage the CD is now out of print but they still have a lot at our local Dollar Tree.

The clip art is free to use as long as the artist name and copyright notice is kept attached and no one pays money for whatever the art is used on/in.

All of the Pern art is by Ingrid Nielson and is (C) 1996. I do not know what prject that the art was originally used for but many of the pieces in the CD were originally book covers or promosional pieces for conventions.

The first piece is in the folder marked "Creach" and features Jaxom and Ruth.
The second is in the "Witches" folder and depicts a girl with a Tamborine surrounded by firelizards. There are actually two of this piece, one in color and one a black and white line drawing.

The third and fourth picture are both line drawings of what appears to be Piemur. In the first he is playing a flute and in the second he is playing drums. In both there are three fire lizards fliting about him.

As I can not figure out how to download pictures from my computer I put the pics on my blog http://cid-33ced5435f5a2d6b.spaces.l...2D6B!201.entry

If anyone has any information I would appriciate it. Thank You.
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